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OpenSUSE packages available

posted Aug 24, 2012, 11:03 PM by Alkis Georgopoulos
Thanks to Jigish Gohil (cyberorg), openSUSE packages for epoptes and epoptes-client are now available!
Only a few lines had to be added upstream in order to support openSUSE, which means that we did a good job on trying not to write distro-specific code. :)

Jigish also mentioned in IRC that it's very easy to get the openSUSE build service to generate packages for other distros:
cyberorg: alkisg, on build service we can build packages for fedora, mandriva, debian, ubuntu, centos, rhel, and few more
cyberorg: if anyone from other distro is interested ping me :)
cyberorg: packages are built on the target distro VM so they are 100% native packages

Thank you Jigish for your excellent work!